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Math Rock Tables and Bingo

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★ Awarded 5 / 5 stars by - 'This app is truly fantastic! I instantly knew it was a winner and as a parent of a second grader who is currently learning and passing off his timed math facts, I was excited to have him try it! Sure enough, he loved it!.' See for the full review.★ Awarded 4.5 / 5 stars and 'HIGHLY RECOMMENDED' by Best Apps for Kids - 'The app offers a quality design and many different problems for kids to solve, making it a great option for kids who need to brush up on their skills.' See for the full review.
★ 'An amazing 3rd Grade Maths App' - listed in the Top 5 Math Apps for 3rd Graders by
★ Crowned 'King of Maths App' by The Royal Connection and also 'App Of The Month'.
★ We have received superb 5 star reviews from parents and teachers commending us on our connection with kids maths learning -
✔ 'There are dozens of maths apps out there for this age range & they're either all animation but no substance or just very dull. This strikes the right balance'
✔ 'Great maths game, my son and daughter absolutely love this one for practising times tables. Easily worth the money, recommended!'
✔ 'In a Mastery Curriculum age, whereby younger pupils are expected to know their times tables in a rote-learning style, this app fits the bill perfectly. Tables practice that is great to look at and easy to use. Tap and go!'
Do your children need help with maths by using mobile times table games ( multiplication table ) or a Bingo fun game? Designed by parents with continuous feedback and suggestions from teachers and kids, we constantly strive to be one of the best educational apps for kids available, to build maths skills as a viable classroom maths game, or as an extension of home learning.
✔ 2 games for the price of 1 - test a multiplication table or tables, addition, subtraction or division (or any combination at once) at three difficulty levels - easy, medium and hard!✔ Rock concert themed game with multiple levels and a catchy tune✔ Practice & challenge modes✔ Unlike other times table games, there are no links, no ads, no in-app purchases and no collection of personal data, leaving you free time whilst your kids play this cool educational maths game unsupervised✔ Aimed at Primary School Key Stage 1 (KS1) or Key Stage 2 (KS2) pupils, however you can keep your mind healthy even as an adult, improve your maths using Maths Rock for daily brain training mathletics practice as an exercise of concentration
Times Tables Game:★ Using times table games is a great way to improve, test and master your knowledge. Maths Rock has two modes - Practice and Challenge. Practice mode allows you to focus on a particular multiplication table. Select multiple tables and the number of questions, and have your maths skills really tested by mixing up the sums to cover all the number ranges. Impress your teacher with your knowledge as you recite your times tables, quickly and with ease, no matter what order they are presented in, build and improve skills all the time.
Number Bingo:★ Get the Bingo bug! Number Bingo is based on the traditional bingo game that is used to practice maths skills (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division) in pre-school, schools and homes throughout the world. We have made the traditional game more fun by using our characters known as 'Rocklings'.
About Us:MadRock Solutions Ltd develops kids numbers and mathletics games, to inspire them to improve their learning in a fun yet challenging way. If you would you like more information about us or our privacy policy, please visit
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